The Met Police required a complete redesign of their ‘Voyage’ program identity together with all associated promotional material and web content. The new identity had to portray an urban/contemporary feel and appeal to young teenagers from BME backgrounds across London.

The program, run by The Metropolitan Black Police Association consists of 3 specific areas – ‘Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC)’ an Edexcel accredited BTEC short course developed by the Metropolitan Black Police Association. – ‘Horizons’, aimed at those young people who are already within the Youth justice system providing Personal Leadership Development & ‘Know your rights’, which is an awareness campaign providing information as to your rights in stop and search situations.

The design of the Voyage Program Logo uses 3 core colour segments that form the ‘V’ of the Voyage identity – the colour segments are then used independently to form specific program badges. These are applied to marketing collateral under the Voyage umbrella program and with bold typography & active youth images create a strong identity that was received well by the course attendees.