I’m a highly talented, innovative and dynamic Senior UX/UI/CX designer with extensive experience and knowledge. I deploy exciting user experiences through strategic research, persona building, dynamic journey monitoring, scenario mapping, defining user goals, ideation, design/prototyping & testing. My contribution ensures that the digital products produced are carefully balanced to the needs of users and their experiences as well as meeting the business goals of clients.

I have extensive knowledge gained from working with many clients across a variety of market sectors gaining accolades/awards for my work along the way. I lead and drive by example, working well in a hands-on team environment or in a more inspirational, guiding role.

I’m comfortable in communicating at all business levels, exciting clients with insightful strategies, fluid integration skills and innovative creativity – discussing ideas openly with fellow team members & stakeholders to help boost brand, product or service experiences.

My passion is delivering successful user experiences for clients who value strategic methodology research, mapping & innovative creativity.


I observe, shadow and work besides customers, internal teams and partners to understand motivations and behaviours and uncover valuable new insights.



I’ll Explore, create, visualise and validate all digital experiences, building on the insights gathered, balancing vision with pragmatism.


I’ll refine, specify, question and test repeatedly to ensure an end product or service is faithful to the business and the people/customers who will work with it.