Matchrefs are part of an organisation that are involved in experiential projects. Having identified that soccer coaches from local soccer leagues across the country were finding it increasingly difficult to locate the services of qualified soccer referees. In-depth research and interviews were conducted with a select number of coaches and referees and the results identified that these issues were mirrored in other leagues around the country. FA rules require all soccer teams above a specific age to employ the services of an independent referee for every competitive game. Because of this, most, if not all junior soccer coaches found themselves chasing at the 11th hour to locate a referee for their weekend games.

A strong ID was created for Matchrefs and during the build timeline of the application a social campaign ran to drive early awareness of the brand, creating interest & discussion on refereeing topics and issues. The app structure allowed both referees and club coaches to register, log in and communicate more with each other to book games and collaborate more on soccer issues. A revenue stream from advertising was built into the application providing sports manufacturers the opportunity to target specific groups with key products or services.